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What’s your story?

Posted by admin | Posted on July 14, 2021

If you have a story and pictures to go with it, a custom calendar is a great way to tell it.

Your company’s custom calendar can have a picture for each month, with a blurb that tells that part of the story.

Stories you could tell with your calendar that will have a lot of impact:

  • the evolution of a product
  • the history of your company
  • the design and manufacturing process of a product
  • cool techno geeky machines and diagrams
  • the seasons of your business

For example, your winery’s calendar could show pictures of your vines being trimmed in January, bud break in April, flowering in May, bloom in June, veraison in August, harvest in September, and bottling and Gold Medals in whatever months those happen.

If your company is known for a flagship product (let’s call it the Ultimizer for this example), your company’s custom calendar might show the original version of the product, the Ultimizer M1, in January, the Ultimizer M2 in February, the Ultimizer M2mkII in March, etc., with text explaining the brilliant improvements incorporated into each.

A record label’s story could use photos of their different artists, cd covers and Grammys for each month.

You may also choose to have little blurbs on certain dates, for example on January 16th there could be an entry “Our Company founded on this date in 1952″.

because a picture is worth a thousand words, a custom calendar is a great tool to tell your story

Selling is story telling. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, a custom calendar is a powerful tool to get your story across.

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