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You’re Welcome

Posted by admin | Posted on July 14, 2021

It feels good to say thank you. It feels good to be thanked.

Some people like to give their customers an unexpected gift, not as a marketing tactic or as a sales tool, but just as a way of saying “thanks” for their patronage.

A simple gesture like that helps retain customers, and we all know that it’s more cost-effective to keep existing customers than to acquire new ones.

There are many occasions that merit thank you’s

  • project completion
  • touring your facility
  • attending an event
  • viewing a demonstration
  • request for information
  • end of year and holidays

And people who should be thanked

  • volunteers
  • donors, fundraisers
  • vendors
  • employees (landmarks, anniversaries, training)

Your thank you gift shouldn’t be over-the-top expensive because that could seem extravagant. It depends on what you’re thanking them for.

If you are thanking a prospect for letting your company fly them to the Bahamas and put them up in a private resort to hear your presentation on capital investments, your gift probably should be expensive. For others, a more appropriate thank you gift might be a logo imprinted coffee mug full of chocolates.

Something that is tasteful and useful will be well received and won’t get thrown away or banished to the back of a drawer.

A thank you gift that ties into your business message and has your graphics custom imprinted on it will prompt your customers to keep coming back.

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